Scarface 1.00/5 (20.00%)

Nowadays it seems Casino vendors are depsratae to convert any major film in  to a fun fill slot, unfotunately NetEnt was only 50% successful with that on this attempt!

Scarface, one of my all time favourite films, was released in Slot form around 4 years ago, it was met by a somewhat tepid reception. There is nothing unique about this slot, the non bonus round chugs along at a slow place with a smattering of small wins but the bonus round is where it get’s really dull! upon hitting the ‘pick a box’ type bonus you are transferred to Tonys mansion for what was the final scene in the film where Tony has a shootout with 100 baddies and a pile of coke. Unlike the film there is no excitement and even if you had a ton ofcoke you would be hard pressed to to stay awake when you land yet another 2x or 3x win, at the end of the round you will no doubt have won another 10x bet which takes longer to win then Tony’s entire shootout, despite rapidly clicking on an enemy the feature still dawdles along at it’s own meager pace.

2015-06-04 15_04_03

Thanfully this game has a free spins mode whn the following stacked wild appears on reel 4

2015-06-04 15_07_54

If it wasn’t for the free spins mode this game would be terrifically  boring.

A blatant cash in on one of the best films in history



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