NetEnt High Rollers

If low stakes casino action doesn’t get your juices flowing and you are looking for somewhere where stakes can be raised a further bit then this quick guide will walk you through the best options as a highroller looking for NetEnt games.

Which Casino?

Whenever anyone asks me which Casino they recommend them, whether they are a low stakes bonus chaser or a highroller looking to play big I always recommend bet365. They have a sterling reputation as being one of the most trustworthy companies going today. Thanks to their rapid growth all over the world they have made huge profits of around £300 million last year alone. So if you are looking for somewhere to play the highest possible stakes you want to ensure that the company isn’t going anywhere.

Bet365 are used to handling the clients, for example, they take many players from China which as we all know is an emerging economy with more millionaires than any other country in the world. The reason why people use bet365 for their high-stakes action is bet365 are not going to run off with your money overnight, they aren’t going anywhere. They are fully licensed in the UK and have us call centre staff with over 2000 people many of which are multilingual and can help you home language. You can play most lots of the highest possible stake which is anywhere between €45 and $240 per spin depending on the game. If you play the live blackjack table games then hands range from €5000 to around €10,000. Although I have never referred any clients that bet more than this, if you are looking for somewhere higher than drop me an email.


This can be a tricky one as depositing huge sums of money via a credit card set of all kinds of alarm bells not just at your bank but at the casino and even possibly with the government. It is generally safer and far more convenient to do a bank transfer for large sums of money. Bet365 allow players to transfer up to £600,000 via bank transfer. Though it may take a bit longer it is the most advised when doing large sums. If you are transferring from a UK bank it can appear in a matter of hours if you are doing this from a foreign bank it may take 10 working days.

Players from Asia will often have to do bank transfers to send large sums of money although credit cards are usually accepted. If you are doing transfers by Visa/Mastercard card then there is a £30,000 limit per transaction. To use wallets such as neteller limits vary from £10,000 to £20,000. Ukash has a maximum limits of £1500 which is the same as pay safe card.

If you are looking for a custom site no matter what your bankroll get in contact with me I will advise you on my most preferred casino on my many years of playing.