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Aliens was launched a few years ago from NetEnt enthusiasts it is a 15 line 5 reel, 3 row slot based around the popular aliens film series. The graphics are pretty sure which is hardly surprising considering recent NetEnt releases. One unique feature which I quite like is every time you hit a winning line you creep up a sort of bonus ladder when you feel your ladder you hit a bonus round, however every spin you make which does not hit a winning line removes one entrance from your ladder.

The slots is well designed around film with excellent in game videos and graphics although I don’t usually play with some turned on it does have fantastic audio quality is especially when hitting the somewhat frequent bonus rounds. The return to player is 96.4% which is about average for beam slots these days, after all the licensing cost has to come from somewhere.

Wild symbols only appear on reels  2 to  5 during the first level, if you make it to level II then wild symbols can appear anywhere.

This slot is made up of two different levels, the first level is your basic in gameplay in which you try and ladder up using the ‘alien activity meter’, by filling this up a total of nine levels you will make it into the second round. Filling up the ladder is done by hitting winning lines each winning symbol represents one step. During this free level you accumulate multipliers which get carried into the next level.

Level II is activated once all nine steps are filled in the ‘alien activity meter’. This level features a rifle and an ammo clip counter by spinning up on level II using accumulators from the first level you can make it to level III. The third and final level sees you fighting the alien and you must destroy the hive for your ammo runs out using ammo collected from the previous round.

This all sounds ridiculously complicated and over-the-top but it’s the sort of game which will make sense once you stop playing. With only 15 lines it’s a very cheap slot to play and pretty much a low variance game.

Overall fans of the film will enjoy this game parts. Is looking to hit a massive win probably won’t be impressed, there are other games offering a better return if you want a nice long low variance session.